Terms & Conditions

Please read the following articles thoroughly before you submit your application. Should any of the following articles be violated, i-Trust may revoke all issued certificates to you at any time, all payments already made to i-Trust are also not refundable.

The Subscriber assures that all documents or information given to i-Trust is correct, true and valid.
The Subscriber agrees not to use the SSL, or at the web site registered in the Certificate, to conduct any business that may violate the applicable laws.
The CPS – By signing the application form & agreement, the Subscriber confirmed that he has read, understood this Subscriber Terms and Conditions and have full notice of the obligations and liabilities upon the subscribers and relying parties as set out in the relevant Certification Practice Statement (“CPS”) which is available on the website:
<http://www.i-trusted.com.cn/support&support_id=5>. The Subscriber has further agreed to be bound by the Subscriber Terms and Conditions and the provisions of the CPS
The SSL and certification services provided by i-Trust are governed by the CPS. This Subscriber Terms and Conditions incorporates the CPS. The CPS forms part of and shall for all purposes be deemed to be part of this Subscriber Terms and Conditions. The Subscriber undertakes to read the CPS regularly to take note of any amendments made to the CPS from time to time by i-Trust.
Subscriber’s Obligations – By signing Subscriber Application Form and accepting the SSL to be issued to the Subscriber, the Subscriber:
Agrees to be bound by (I) this Subscriber Terms and Conditions, and (ii) the provisions of the CPS, as may be amended from time to time, which govern the use of the keys and SSL provided by i-Trust;
Agrees that the use of the private key and SSL is solely at the Subscriber own risk;
Agrees that no implied or express warranties are given by i-Trust in relation to the SSL provided by i-Trust;
Agrees to indemnify i-Trust fully for loss to any person or organization arising from the failure to protect the security and integrity of the SSL or any breach non-observance or non-compliance of the terms and conditions of the CPS or this Subscriber Terms and Conditions;
Accepts responsibility to protect the security and integrity of the Subscriber private key, including not permitting another person to access the Subscriber private key;
Further undertakes that, in the event of the Subscriber private key or SSL being compromised, or suspected to have been compromised, the Subscriber shall immediately notify i-Trust as well as other subscribers and parties with whom the Subscriber exchanges information, or executes transactions using the Subscriber key pair and SSL; and
Agrees to use the Subscriber private key and SSL solely and strictly for lawful purposes, and will not infringe third party rights.
The Subscriber agrees to cease the use of a certificate, and will delete all files relevant to that certificate, when the certificate has expired, being revoked, or replaced.
Please ensure all information given here, is the same as is provided on-line, this helps us to verify your identity, and speeds your application. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by 852-3599 9590 or email to admin@i-trusted.com for more information.